Higher education

UNESCO is that the solely United Nations agency with a mandate in educational activity. As such, it contributes to developing evidence-based educational activity policies. In line with Target four.3 of property Development Goal four to “by 2030, guarantee equal access for all ladies and men to cheap and quality technical, job and tertiary education, as well as university,” United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization provides technical support to Member States to review educational activity methods and policies so as to boost equitable access to quality educational activity and enhance quality and responsibleness.

It employs daring and innovative actions to reinforce national capacities through providing and sharing info and technical help and developing normative instruments. to the present aim, a brand new world Convention on the popularity of upper Education Qualifications is beneath development. additionally, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization partners with educational activity establishments through its 25-year recent UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme to foster international inter-university cooperation and networking with a read to enhancing institutional capacities through knowledge-sharing and cooperative work.