School violence and bullying

Violence in academic settings could be a daily reality that denies a lot of kids and youth the basic right to education. One estimate by set up International suggests that 246 million kids and adolescents expertise violence in and around faculty each year. women area unit disproportionately affected, as area unit those perceived to not adjust to prevailing sexual and gender norms.

Schools that aren’t safe or inclusive violate the correct to education as enshrined within the global organization Convention on the Rights of the Child; and contravene the Convention against Discrimination in Education, that aims to eliminate discrimination and promote the adoption of measures that guarantee equality of chance and treatment.

Ensuring all kids and youth have access to safe, inclusive, health-promoting learning environments could be a strategic priority for UN agency. Key outcomes for UNESCO’s add this space are:

Eliminating faculty violence and bullying as well as school-related gender-based violence; and
Preventing health- and gender-related discrimination towards learners and educators.