Skills for work and life

Technical and vocational training and coaching (TVET) connects education and also the world of labor. TVET aims to handle economic, social and environmental demands by serving to youth and adults develop the talents they have for employment, tight work and entrepreneurship. during this manner, TVET promotes evenhanded, comprehensive and property economic process and supports transitions to inexperienced and digital economies.

Since the Third International Congress on TVET in Shanghai 2012, TVET has been gathering momentum and world attention. This enhanced with the adoption of the Education 2030 Agenda that devotes extended attention to technical and business skills development with specific targets associated with access, acquisition of relevant learning outcomes and elimination of gender inequality.

In alignment with SDG4 and also the Education 2030 Framework for Action, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has developed a Recommendation and a technique for TVET (2016-2021) to support the efforts of Member States to spice up the relevancy of their TVET systems.

The UNEVOC Network is that the key driver for mutual learning, capacity-building and advancing international cooperation in TVET. furthermore as United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and its networks, the Members of the Inter-Agency cluster on TVET square measure conducting collective initiatives and joint work to unleash the potential of TVET to satisfy skills desires of people, enterprises and societies.